Saddlecloths  $75.00
Long Sleeve Formal Shirts $30.00
Formal Vests $45.00
Ties $18.00
Polo Shirts $37.00
Caps $20.00
Badges $11.00
Hair Accessories $7.00
TPC Drink Bottle $17.00
Jackets (Order Only) $89.00



Club Rally Uniform

All TPC members attending Rally Days at TPC grounds must wear the Rally Day uniform.

Shirt: TPC Polo shirt..

Jodhpurs: Coloured jodhpurs allowed, but prefer beige or fawn.

Saddlecloth: TPC Royal Blue

Riding boots Brown or black

Helmet: White, blue or black (approved standard helmets - (AS/NZS 3838 (AU) and ARB HS 2012; PAS 015 (UK); ASTM F 1163 (USA); VGI (Europe) EN1384 – Only for helmets with manufacture date up to and including 2015)

The Rally Club Uniform can be purchased from the Club Office. Contact the Uniform Coordinator Kerri on 0409871676 for these on rally days.


PCAQ Uniform and Saddlery Rules - 2023 


TPC Guidelines for Presentationclick here for details



Official TPC Uniform

All TPC Members competing at any Competition be at TPC Grounds or out, must be wearing full official uniform including correct jodhpur colour - If you are not wearing full Official Uniform at competitions - you can be eliminated from the entire day competition.

Tie: Fly-away or Zipper Tie - TPC Royal Blue with Diagonal Pin Stripe 

Colour: Shirt: Light Blue Long sleeved shirt

Jodhpurs: Beige/Fawn. Beige/Fawn only at Gymkhanas as per TPC uniform.

Pullover / Vest: TPC Royal Blue  

Saddlecloth: TPC Royal Blue  

Optional Items

Spray Jacket, Cap, TPC Name Badge

The official uniform can be purchased from the club (shirt, vest, saddlecloth and tie) - contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Please remember that you are representing Tallebudgera Pony Club when you compete at these events and you must present yourself in a tidy manner - both while competing and at the presentation ceremony e.g. shirt sleeves must be down and buttoned and shirts tucked in. If you are not in formal uniform at the presentation of awards the host club may decide not to give you your award.

The correct PCAQ Ruling 2008:
Pullover: Optional V-necked Pullovers - sleeved or sleeveless Vest - no collar. Stripes on pullovers/vests should only be on the V-neck or cuffs. No bands are permitted on the body of the garment. If club adopts a pullover/vest as part of the club uniform, it must be registered with PCAQ. (PCAQ, 2008)
Our vest is registered with PCAQ but vests/pullovers are usually only worn in winter. It has been verified with Jane Bell & PCAQ that although our club has a registered vest, our riders can ride without a vest, if they so choose, they do not need permission from the host club. All rule books stipulate OPTIONAL. All parents / instructors / judges have a duty of care to the rider/child, when there are hot conditions, riders are recommended NOT to ride in a vest/pullover, due to heat stress, therefore they do not need permission from host club to remove vest. All PCAQ Clubs have an Official Uniform of Long sleeved shirt, fly away tie, jodhpurs, & boots - that is the official uniform. Not all clubs have a registered Vest/Pullover, hence the ruling below:
"PCAQ meeting from Aug 2008, no discrimination/elimination against riders who are not wearing vests."