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A note from our Member Protection and Risk Management Officer


Instructing on TPC Grounds


Please be reminded that if you would like to practice Jumping/Cross Country outside of a rally day or official events, that a NCAS 1 Instructor must supervise whilst Jumping/Cross Country. Safety is Paramount. Please remember if you would like to bring out extra jumps you may do so, but please remember to return them after use.


If you are being coached by a PCAQ instructor outside of an Official Event /Rally or Authorized Clinic, that Instructor will need to have NCAS 1 to teach on TPC grounds. 
To be coached by an EA instructor you will still need to supply the committee a copy of the instructors Certificate of Currency and insurance (each year) 
The only other people who are allowed to instruct on the grounds are parents of their own children. No children are allowed to coach other children
If you have any questions regarding any of this please contact Jacque, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Arena Rules

* Please collect and dispose of any manure.

* For the consideration of other riders and to prevent accidents, the following conduct is required.

* No lunging in the arena if there are any riders in the arena - use the round yard.

* Round yard (lunge yard) is dedicated for lunging, if someone is using it to ride or for any other purpose, they must vacate the yard as lunging has first priority.

* You should always give way to the horse at the higher gait (faster horse). Slower horses are to use the inside track.

* When approaching head to head you should keep to the left.

* Make tack adjustments outside the arena if possible or near the middle of the arena but without obstructing the diagonal or centre lines.

* Ensure your whip is not so long that it could upset a passing horse.

* Do not halt or walk on the outside track and always leave room for other riders to pass.

* NO dogs or horses to be tied on arena rails.


Equipment use

If you are using equipment in the paddock areas please return it to where you got it from after use.

Please use our old jump equipment and don't leave poles lying on the ground.


Dogs on TPC Grounds

Dogs on grounds are viewed by PCAQ and the TPC committee as a potential safety issue. However, we understand that some members may wish to bring their dogs onto the grounds for exercise etc and the committee has no wish to penalise responsible dog owners. Accordingly, the committee has considered the issue of dogs on TPC grounds and we now confirm the Club's policy as follows:

No dogs at all to be brought on to club grounds on any day on which an unofficial or official event is being held including rally days or clinics and RDA days (Friday and Saturday mornings).

At all other times, dogs must be on a lead and under the control of their owner. Any dogs wandering the grounds must be tied up and the owner (if known) will be notified to come and remove immediately.



ALL GATES MUST BE CLOSED.... If you are going between the middle and back paddock, or the side gate to Janice Jones property you must close these gates behind you, if you are challenged to do so from your horse then please dismount and do the right thing.


Training Equipment

The use of side reins, running reins and draw reins are only to be used under supervision of an instructor if you are under 17 years. We would request that adults using these training aids do so away from younger members.

We thank you for your assistance in observing the above procedures whilst using our great facilities.


Vehicles on Club Grounds

We now have a lovely asphalt driveway. When driving onto club grounds with or without floats please use the road as much as possible. Some larger vehicles have driven off the road and caused some of the roadway to break away, so please exercise care.


No Riding on the sides of Cars, Trucks and Floats.


Also, if you wish to dispose of manure from your float, please do not leave this in the car park area but carry it over to the manure pile by the yards. Wheelbarrows and rakes are available in the gear shed. We ask that you are thoughtful of the agistees and workers at our working bee who end up having to remove the manure left behind!!!! We had approx 20 floats at a rally day so you can imagine the "mess" left behind.


Water/Wash Bay Use

From now on the Wash Bay is only open for use by Agistees and any members who float their horse to the grounds to work them.On Competition Days and Rally Days it is open for all members to use.  Buckets will be left in this area and we would request that you rinse your horse a briefly then fill the bucket and do the rest of your cleaning with a sponge, then a brief hose down afterwards. 


No smoking is permitted on TPC grounds at any time.


Also a reminder that at NO TIME ARE YOU ALLOWED TO RIDE ON THE GROUNDS IN A HALTER. Helmets MUST be worn.




All Visitors on TPC Grounds are to be accompanied by a current financial TPC member